Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week #84 - “It’s Not A Race, It’s A Journey.”

March 28, 2016

Hi Mom and Dad!

Wow Mom - I can't believe how fast those ladies found you on Facebook! I thought it was funny how my comp and I went back to their house a day or two later after I met them and they mentioned you by name, so I was wondering how they found out who you were! They are way nice ladies and chat my ear off when we go there. I love the people here in Iloilo. They have been so kind, and of course I am way more comfortable conversing with them in Ilonggo. I guess since it's the first language I learned it's easier for me. I love the Ilonggo!

 The beginning of this last week was slow and we didn't work much since I was still recovering from being sick. Tuesday I taught the district meeting one more time and then I got on a bus Wednesday morning and rode 5 hours to Iloilo. I get to be in Air Conditioning a lot more now and that makes my head feel good and my back isnt constantly wet from sweat haha but when we go out to work for some reason the city is really windy which also helps beat the heat. 

My first day here I did a baptismal interview and I was having a hard time not saying Tagalog words I have said so many times in Aklan but now I feel like I have transferred over much better. Each day so far we have taken things easy but still do good work. Lots and lots of people here. I am in Molo ward 1 and there are many less active members here but we also have some pretty neat investigators. My companions name is Elder Zabariza and he's a chill guy. I like him and we've gotten along great which makes the work that much easier! I am also still the DL here so I still have that responsibility.

Our house gets really hot which kind of sucks but I really like the showers it has. There are 4 different showers we can use and I like the ones outside on the roof. I don't know why I just really look forward to taking showers its probably my favorite time of the day. It feel so good to wash the sweat off and be in the cool water for a few minutes. There's also a big black dude that lives across the street and I heard him yelling and talking to someone and it ended up being his cats. It was kinda weird, but kinda funny and it was fun to hear someone speaking English! We ride a lot of Jeepneys which are fun in Iloilo. There are 2 big grocery stores within walking distance of our house and that is way nice too. I ate tomato soup for the first time since I left Utah and it was SO good. I should have requested a long time ago those cans of Chili I really miss those. They have them here but they're really expensive.

I still can't believe out Ward split and you're in a new Ward! I'm going to miss Bishop Allen and the Erda Ward! I hope I can still do my mission report for Erda Ward since I really don't know our new ward. I wonder how that will work?

Good to hear your birthday went well Mom! You deserve a really nice day like that :) It looks fun that your co-workers decordated your office. That's the first time I have seen your office. Look pretty neat.

Gotta run!
Love Elder Rasmussen

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