Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week #85 - “Know Ye Not That Ye Are in the Hands of God?” Mormon 5:23

April 4, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad! 

This week was super fast! A ton of different stuff happened so that's probably why. I taught the district meeting on Tuesday and it went well. We were in A/C for the first time in my mission so my back wasn't wet like it usually is. I'm learning more about my companion and he is learning more about me. We are doing good and hopefully our companionship will get better as time goes on. 
We have a few investigators. They all have issues they are working on and we are continuing to help them. We had a cool experience last Friday. I went to DLC (District Leader Conference) which was fun to see all of the missionaries. We came home and as my companion and I planned I feel like we had a disagreement over what we planned but nothing serious. It was kind of awkward as we went out because I was worried about where we would go since we didn't have any appointments. I led and we walked into a neighborhood that I thought looked nice :) we walked straight to a particular house that for whatever reason looked encouraging to me. A guy answered the door and he ended up being really nice and very interested in the restoration and about the church. He even said he was hoping for someone like us to come and help give him direction in his life. After that happened I was convinced we were led by the spirit to his house because it was a big neighborhood and we walked directly to his house not even knowing why. The rest of the day went great. 

On Sunday we went on a split with some members. I took 3 with me and they were fun to work with. Its always a confidence booster to lead the area and do well. We also have two new housemates this week that came in named Elder Dean who is from Utah and brand new in the mission and a Filipino Elder Named Talactac. It feels good to be the old missionary in the house because its the first time I've been around new missionaries since I was the new guy. 

I got some exercise in this morning running at the church and then we went and ate lunch at McDonalds, So that's pretty much it for today. Love and miss you all so much.  Thanks for the pictures of home. Glad to see you are still finding projects to do to keep you busy! Its starting to feel like its been a while since I have seen everything haha I cant wait ;) The excitement to get back on a motorcycle again has been killing me lately! I saw this bike the other day and I about went nuts! 

Thanks for the details about your week and the encouragement! 

Love Elder Rasmussen

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