Friday, December 18, 2015

Week #70 "He Is The Light and Life of The World" Mosiah 16:9"

Dec 15, 2015

Hi Mom and Dad - Thanks for all of the emails and pictures! The snow looks awesome! Pres. Aquino is pretty generous and gave us time today to email since we were at the party on MondayDon't worry about the Typhoons they come through all the time. Very few are huge and destructive and come South far enough to reach the Visayas.
I had a pretty good week besides being sick a few days this week! Actually to be honest the work was just...crappy and we were getting rejected at a lot of houses:) Our investigator was sick so she even turned us away, which was a bummer. But one new thing we did this week was go to an area called Jawili which I found out to be a beautiful area and it was fun to explore! We met some new LA's and investigators but that was when I started feeling really crappy and by our last appointment I felt like puking and got shivers. From that time Saturday night to Sunday night I was laying in bed with a fever and a stomach gomboo. It sucked way bad. A member helped me out and cooked some food and stuff for me to feel better but I wasn't able to go to church in the morning. Luckily by the late afternoon I felt well enough  to go to Kalibo to the Christmas Devotional. But when we got out of the van, Elder Stevens and I ended up accidentally leaving our bags in the van and didn't realize it until we had already taken a trike to the church then we realized we had left them. We both felt devastated because it had all of our stuff for our trip to Iloilo. The trike driver was a nice guy and helped us go to the police and radio station but they couldn't do anything for us so we went back to the place we had gotten off the van and no kidding like 30 seconds later the van came rolling down the road and stopped and gave us our stuff back. It was nothing short of a Christmas miracle! We were so relieved! After the Devotional we stayed the night in a place called Banga with 10 other elders and only got like 3 hrs of sleep, then got on a bus at 5 a.m. to travel to Iloilo. A member picked us up in Iloilo in a really nice truck. It felt so good to be in a nice vehicle again!

So we made it to the party and it was a blast! It was so much better than last year and luckily there weren't a bunch of trunky missionaries singing about how they were heading home for Christmas like last year. That wasn't fun for any of us new guys last year haha This is President Aquino's last Christmas as Mission President so he really went all out to make this year a really great Christmas Conference. We had a blast!

We had another devotional on Tuesday and it was more focused on spiritual uplifting. They handed out a lot of the stuff I am sure you sent mom like shirts, ties, and the pocket scripture sets. I took some pictures so you can see, and I'll try and get them sent to you, but this computer is being dumb, it's not letting me download pics, so it may be next week before I can get them to you.  But all of the Filipino missionaries got something  :)
Speaking of Christmas, Skype will be the same as last year. We will Skype about 8 a.m. on the 26th here, so it should be about 5 p.m. there on Christmas Day. Hopefully we won't have any trouble connecting this year, but just plan on around that time on that day.

Have a great week! Love and Miss you all!
Elder Rasmussen


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