Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #101 - “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” —Matthew 7:7

July 25, 2016

Hi Family!

Thanks for your emails and all the details. I'm excited too but you're a lot more crazy about it than I am, I'm sure :) It has been a little challenging to keep going every day--I am getting excited about coming home, but still working hard!

This past week it was hard to focus at times, especially since we got punted a lot.  Elder Andeo had a checkup at the hospital which took forever and for some reason that made me super trunky. And then to top it off yesterday after a whole week of trying to contact our investigator B. we finally got a lesson in with him and he told us he had some set backs this week that made it so we won't get to baptize him this weekend before I leave as previously planned. That was super disappointing. But I got over it because I know that God is in charge of everything in his work and things come about in his own due time. We also learned that Elder Andeo is apparently transferring when I leave next week, so we're hoping the next missionaries to this area will keep going with teaching him.

This week we had the opportunity to build a new house for a member family who were living in pretty bad conditions before. It was fun to build and get to know some of the older men in the ward better who helped build it and I learned a few new words in Ilonggo that don't come up in our general daily missionary work. It reminded me of working with Dad and also working with Mark at Heritage and how he would just say "hammer" or "screwdriver" when he needed me to get him something!  It was a super hot day and I was sweating like crazy! A storm rolled in later in the day and cooled things down when we were about done, and that was a welcomed relief! 

The next week I'll keep on working hard and doing missionary work. I'm ready to get home but I won't waste a minute of the time I've got left. I'm planning on saving up my laundry to bring home so I can use those super fancy mechanisms in our house that I didn't even realize how blessed we were to have before I left!


We fly to Manila on Tuesday the 2nd and then we'll leave Manila on the 3rd. Just 9 more days!

Love and miss you tons!
Elder Rasmussen

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