Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week #97 - "Straight and Narrow Is The Way"

June 26, 2016
Hey Mom and Dad -  This last week was good, but sitting here now I can't remember anything much to tell you! We worked a lot but got rained on a lot which slowed the work down. 
We had an interesting run in with a guy who wanted to debate with us. I got to chatting with him on the side of the road and he eventually in the conversation brought up some doctrine about the Father and the Son being one spirit and tried debating with us about it. When that happens I usually quickly yet respectfully end the conversation and say "alright buddy we'll see ya" haha and then 2 days later we showed up at our investigators house and of course he was there doing bible study with out investigator, so we did the same thing all over again.

Yesterday was our most productive day. We had a member named Jessie working with us and he's fun to work with. A new investigator in our area showed up to church wanting to learn more about the church! That was amazing and I consider that a gift from God seeing that we are always looking for new people to teach. We had a funny thing happen at church yesterday. One of the member's dogs showed up at church and was running around during sacrament and inside the class rooms haha it was a clean dog though so nobody seemed to care too much about that. Then there were these little kids also running around in the church like wild dogs and I think they were street kids because no adult was with them. I had to babysit them since no one else would and they were being crazy in the church, so yah, that was fun (NOT).

Today for PDay we went to a driving range and that was pretty fun! It was fun to do something different since usually we just play basketball. Being on the driving range made me miss working out at the golf course :)
Well, sorry this is so short! Love you lots! Love Elder Rasmussen
Got our chest x-rays so that means we're getting on a plane soon!

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